Jun 03-2020




Your objective as a construction company, whenever you have a project, is to do as much work as you can each day you show up on the construction site. However, this will not be achieved if you do not do proper planning, scheduling of tasks and getting feedback regarding the progress of individual tasks. To have this done most companies hire a couple of officers who are responsible for the planning and making sure all tasks are handled within the planned time period. However, this method of doing things is time-consuming and not smart enough. It may also lead to delaying projects mainly due to uncoordinated information that may be needed by management to take important decisions.

It’s for this reason, that we developed the smart builder app to help you organize and ease the access of all the data you may need to make decisions. All you have to do is input a few parameters into the web app and it will do the rest of the work for you. Let me share with you what you will benefit as a construction company when you use this web app.

1.       Eases access to construction data by all team members

With smart builder, all members on your team that have an account with us will be able to have access to the information about the various projects your company is handling. Some of the information includes, the deadlines of the various tasks, the priority of tasks, the people responsible for each, etc.

2.       Monitoring the daily expenses of the company

This section of the app will show you the expenses that your company incurs on a daily basis. You’ll also be able to access a history of expenditures from the previous days. This data is later used to generate reports that are used while making decisions

3.       It has smart tools that will boost your productivity

The web app has smart tools like the planner that helps you plan and schedule projects based on priority. It also has a time log and calendar that shows the history and the time various tasks and projects were completed. These tools will help your team to always be aware of the priority projects and when they have to be completed.

4.       It creates and auto sends daily reports

This app also has the capacity to create daily reports about the construction works and also send reports to the team members that need such information. This will save you the time that you would need to create and generate these reports manually

5.       Live streaming

In cases where your team is not in the same location, you can use live streaming to have meetings and communications. With this app, geographical boundaries will not affect your team’s communication.

6.       Track and manage changes

In any construction project, there will always be changes along the way. With Smartbilder you will be able to track these changes and these can be used to make better decisions while planning for future projects.

So why not signup on Smart builder and enjoy the above benefits. The good thing with Realtraker is you don’t have to install the app on your computer to use it. All you need is your browser and your login credentials to access the platform. Please note that Realtraker values your privacy and all your payment information will not be stored on this platform. Payments are safely processed by PayPal and Stripe.